SERVICE Zitta Schnitt Design Studio is an Austrian Designstudio working in the fields of Product, Textile and Graphic Design. The studio develops brand concepts as well as custom designed products for special target groups and markets. Furthermore the Agency offers sourcing of requested products and obtains those from partners world wide.

A reference project for that is the MMKA Brooch series, which was especially designed for Holland’s Museum voor Moderne Kunst in Arnhem museum-shop and was sourced from Germany.

BIO - Zitta Schnitt is a Product Designer with a background in Arts & Crafts. She was born in Vienna and spent her early childhood in Hungary. She first came in touch with Design at Art School Vienna where she specialized in Textile Design. Directly after high school she studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. There she gained much practical and theoretical knowledge in Ceramic & Porcelain Design.

In 2010 she started exhibiting her work at international Design festivals and fairs. In the same year she officially founded her own label Zitta Schnitt | Design Studio. A year after, she worked in Amsterdam for SEVV in the field of Product, Textile and Interior Design. In 2014 she was living in India, to perform on market analysis, product research and sourcing. 

PHILOSOPHY - Zitta Schnitt derives inspiration from traveling and observing the everyday world around her. The designer observes habits, cultural lifestyles and heritage, which are then translated into new design concepts.

She is passionate about using high-quality materials and craft techniques, resulting in sophisticated aesthetics of design. Bringing together traditional ideas and contemporary details, gives her work a fresh nostalgic note. Her philosophy of design is creating sustainable collectibles with a powerful story.